Who are Journey Protector?

Journey Protector is an Irish based company which has designed a system for real-time remote detection of stowaways in the rear of vehicles/trailers or containers, or theft of said cargo.

Journey Protector’s management teams consists of more than 100 years combined experience.

What is Journey Protector?

Journey Protector is an IoT based hardware/software combination designed to drastically reduce the risk of stowaways and cargo theft for logistics companies.

How does it work?

Our hardware module is fitted to the trailer/container, and then you are given access to a personalised Journey Protector dashboard. The hardware then continuously monitors the conditions in the trailer/container, and if these conditions are to vary outside of usual variances - it means that the trailer has been tampered with and your fleet operator will be notified.

Along with this, Journey Protector also allows you to monitor the conditions in your trailer manually, meaning you can see immediately if, for example, your refrigerated goods have spoiled.

Example of a Journey Protector Dashboard:




If there are unusual spikes in the conditions, our unique algorithm will decide whether of not there is a need for an alert.

If there is, a predetermined respondent (for example, the transport manager) will get a push notification like this and an automated phone call.

If there has been no response, it will work through a list of other respondents.