Unrivaled insights into your fleet

Journey Protector provides you with real-time insight into your fleet at the touch of a button, and will even issue alerts should something untoward happen.

Improved Efficiencies

Journey Protector not only provides you with around the clock peace of mind, but our AI algorithm will provide you with insights that can improve your logistical efficiency.

Improved Security

Journey Protector is a completely "hands off" system, meaning that no one can alter or remove any data logged. What this means is, when you get an alert you know that you need to act!

Peace of Mind

Once you have Journey Protector fitted - you can sit back safe in the knowledge that your fleet is being protected. If anything is going wrong - you will be the first to know!

A new era of transparency

Track every environment, around the clock

Stay on top of where your containers are with around-the-clock tracking.

All your trip details in one place

Simply click on "Trip Details" and you can see everything - current conditions, historical conditions or even the consignment and driver information.

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