Autonomous real-time monitoring and detection solution

About Us

Journey Protector has developed a cutting edge hardware/software solution which is the first autonomous real-time machine AI security monitoring and alert generating system designed to address cross-border security and integrity issues, cargo theft, human trafficking and illegal stowaways.

We provide visibility for our customers through our IoT hardware (Patent Pending) and Machine AI software for autonomous monitoring, analysis and alerting.

Our Vision

Be the Premier Global Technology Solution Provider solving cross-border security and efficiency, theft, safety and people trafficking issues.

The rise in human trafficking, cross- border security, cargo theft and freight integrity issues are the driving force behind the formation of Journey Protector.

Criminals are familiar with current security systems and their flaws, and they have taken advantage of these vulnerabilities at a huge cost to life and load.
We have created an autonomous real-time machine AI security monitoring and detection solution, which will notify you of a breach.
The Journey Protector system removes the ability of drivers to collude in people trafficking or cargo theft, restores their ‘innocent until proven guilty status’ and provides protection for stowaways from injury or death.
Use of Journey Protector will facilitate the creation a frictionless/virtual border through decentralised document management.

Journey Protector will also offer our customers the ability to ensure that their journeys are carbon neutral via a carbon offset program.

Savings lives, saving costs and helping to save the planet. 


All your data in one place

Our system gives you full transparency to the conditions within your controlled environment, as well as a unique system to notify you of a security breach. This data can be viewed on your own Journey Protector dashboard or integrated into your existing systems using our API.

Cutting-edge security

Journey Protector provides you with around the clock protection from unauthorised access to your loads. With the Journey Protector solution, you will be notified within seconds if someone is inside your controlled environment who shouldn’t be.

Unrivalled Insights

As Journey Protector utilises machine learning technology, you will have the ability to see more than just the raw figures. Our solution will provide you with useful analytics, right there in your dashboard.

Protection for you and your drivers

Journey Protector is a “fit and forget” solution, meaning that your drivers can have no interaction with it. Should there be an intrusion while your vehicle is moving, your designator responder will be notified within seconds and can notify the authorities - protecting your drivers and protecting your brand.


Comprehensive Data

By choosing Journey Protector, you will have access to ongoing monitoring and illegal activity detection within your environment via a graphical interface that is easy for you to read and make smart decisions from.

You will also have the ability to access all real-time data relating to the conditions within your controlled environments.

This data will allow you to make important business security decisions, and more easily increase your operational efficiencies.

Due to the nature of our comprehensive historical logs, you can not only view the condition of your environment now – but also an hour ago, two hours ago, or two days ago. This revolutionary solution will provide you with unrivalled insights into your controlled environments – keeping your goods and drivers safe, and alerting you to stowaway situations.


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Journey Protector is Ireland's first technology company to become a Certified B-Corp!