Journey Protector believes in a future where vulnerable people are no longer at risk of dying from being trafficked in the rear of trucks/containers. No longer will the lives of vulnerable people be in the hands of unscrupulous people; looking to make money by trafficking them into countries with a blatant disregard for their well-being. We believe in a future where criminals cannot profit from cargo theft. By the same token, innocent drivers are at risk of being fined or incarcerated when they have a stowaway on board, regardless of whether they had nefarious intents or were just unaware.

We believe in Tech for Good; AI and machine learning are not something to be feared, they are currently making the world a safer and better place for the vulnerable in our society.


How Will We Achieve This?

Journey Protector develop and supply IoT software/hardware combination security solutions for logistics companies, which provide continuous remote real-time monitoring of the conditions in their trailers, and using machine learning generate will an alert should any anomaly (which indicates an intrusion) occur. The driver has no input in decision making and therefore no ability to collude in human trafficking, and as such his innocent until proven guilty status is restored in cases of a stowaway being found in the rear of a truck.

As well as this, due to how quickly our machine learning algorithm can determine an anomaly (for example, a potential intrusion), the chance of a stowaway dying due to the conditions in the truck are dramatically lowered.

What steps are involved?


Journey Protector’s hardware is a bespoke, fit and forget device consisting of a variety of sensors that continually monitor the conditions, and will send this sensor data to our cloud-based dashboard.


Journey Protector’s dashboard consists of a monitoring view - where you can see live conditions, as well as a trend view - and our machine learning algorithm running in the background which will decide if an alert should be generated.


Our machine learning algorithm runs in the background, and when the sensor data is sent from the device, will decide whether or not an alert should be generated.


If an alert is sent, a predetermined respondent (for example, the transport manager) will get a push notification and an automated phone call.

If there has been no response, the system will work through a list of other respondents.


How Does It Work?

Find out below:


Want to learn more?

If you would like to learn more about Journey Protector, please feel free to reach out via the Contact Us page.